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Since 1988, North South Consultants Exchange (NSCE) provides Sustainable Development consultancy services with the mission to improve economic welfare, livelihoods, and resilience of vulnerable people and communities throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The registered firm in Egypt is a client-focused organisation dedicated to providing practical,  measurable solutions to complex development issues, ranging from sector reform to participatory community development, from policy formulation to community-based interventions.

The company expertise covers overall Project Cycle Management and Results-based Management, including identification, design, implementation, technical assistance, monitoring, evaluation with high-end quality assurance mechanisms in-place.

NSCE has cumulative experience in promoting consensus-oriented approaches and collaborative participatory management to enhance stakeholder engagement for increasing tangible impactful sustainable results, implementing complex assignments in environments of  protracted crisis, changing policies, challenging economic conditions, and volatile political parameters.  


The geometric North South Symbol’ is a visual interpretation of the compass of the consultancy company in reference to its geographical footprint, pool of international partners, and clients in the field of Development Cooperation

NSCE Consultants in Sustainable Development are the main ingredient for the thriving mission of NSCE, representing the pool of in-house staff and 600+ associated consultants.

Exchange represents the core scope of NSCE’s vision as a facilitator of North-South dialogues and synergies. During the implementation of each mission, NSCE prioritises exchange of expertise, knowledge, ethics, and values.


NSCE is one of the leading Arab and African consulting firms in the field of Sustainable Development in Africa and the Middle East. NSCE strives towards creating an enabling environment for exchange of expertise in Development Cooperation. This with the vision to facilitate sustainable impact that ensures accountability to affected populations and with the aim to foster dialogue and synergies between North and South Development Cooperation.


Through providing professional consultancy services for Development Projects and Programmes, NSCE has the objective to improve resilience, the quality of life, and economic welfare across the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Foregrounding the participatory approach, NSCE provides Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound solutions to a variety of organisational problems for governmental and international agencies to succeed in achieving their public policy and developmental objectives.







The direction of the Results-based Management approach is change. Our impact results rather than our activities are at the centre of how we engage with Sustainable Development. In our work, we introduce the feedback loop of the Theory of Change built on evidence-based decision-making procedures in our management.

Considering the Theory of Change, the first steppingstone is to consider impact (change in conditions and power systems) and then to work backwards: from outcome (changes in performance), output (changes in capacities), activities and strategies (implementation), towards input (resources).


Acknowledging that ‘the earth is what we all have in common’, it is the corporate responsibility of NSCE to contribute to her sustainability today and for future generations. Sustainable development is only possible when we also foster decent labouring ethics, environmental protection, and a safe, healthy environment, that is free from fraud and corruption.

The actuality of sustainable impact on prosperity, economic growth, and the well-being of life and planet earth requires accountability to affected populations in our external actions from the standpoint of intersectionality but also demands to enhance our internal capacity, structures, and processes towards the cultivation of a sustainable reflex. Cross-cutting principles of ensuring social protection, fair power relations, non-discrimination, participation, equity as well as environmental-consciousness are always on the radar of NSCE’s working ethics.

The NSCE Code of Conduct outlines the Sustainable Development Consulting firm’s set of corporate values, ethical standards, procedures, and policies that are embedded within its thirty-five-year track record in Sustainable Development Cooperation. 

NSCE assigns to the private sector a pivotal role to exert efforts to enhance innovative solutions in shared challenges and goals. Business responsibility is foundational for achieving a peaceful, equitable, secure, stable, affluent, resilient and sustainable lifeworld. NSCE conducts business in accordance with the laws and regulations and follows international guidelines and recognized principles for corporate responsibility.

NSCE integrates its ethical standards into existing policies aiming to implement them in our daily operations, management, and activities. The ethical standards can be seen in this Code of Conduct, our business strategy, operation manual, and policies.

Dr. Zohra Merabet

Executive Director

North South Consultants Exchange

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