The main objective of the assignment was to assess the labour market needs in the following industrial sectors in Greater Cairo to cover current and future activities anticipated.

  • Building material production for green construction (energy efficient building)
  • Energy efficient transportation (e.g. changing from gasoline to natural gas)
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Energy conservation

Main Activities

The main activities carried out by NSCE in this assignment were as follows:

  • Conducted desk research and reviewed secondary material related to green economy and occupations;
  • Identified and listed  private sectors companies, employer’s organizations and other institutions involved directly or indirectly in green economy, categorize them;
  • Prepared a preliminary questionnaire addressed those companies in order to identify different occupations/ skills needed. Include in the survey additional occupations/skills not related to green economy is included;
  • Run a pretest for the questionnaire, presented results to stakeholders and adapted it accordingly;
  • Run a survey among selected companies;
  • Identified institutions that are deliver programmes related to green economy;
  • Presented a bilingual draft report (En. and Ar.) to stakeholders and fill missing gaps.