To enhance Kafr El Sheikh Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) organizational management and operational system as well as provide capacity building to enhance Human Resources managerial and technical capabilities.


  • Presentation of a clear operation outlining KWSC’s global wastewater disposal strategy and instructions for individual plant operations,
  • Analysis of the KWSC organizational structure and assistance in the establishment of labour requirement plans and appointment of new staff,
  • Identification of a target group of trainees, development of training plans and training schedules and establishment of  training monitoring system,
  • Supporting KWSC day-to day procedures and providing operational coaching.

Specific Services Provided

  • Ensuring effective communication with the Project Team and KWSC and formulating Organization and Management training programs,
  • Contacting local training institutes and conducting training arrangements,
  • Guiding training consultants, training processes, and skills training and development for the maintenance and operation of new wastewater stations,
  • Organizing in-plant training at local institutions and abroad and study tours,
  • Seminars, workshops, subject-matter refresher courses, and on-the-job coaching in routine operations, shortcomings, and critical situations at KWSC,
  • Developing concept proposal on KWSC human resource development strategy.