Component 1: Pollution prevention.

The first component will contribute to reduce the po11ution reaching the Mediterranean Sea, prevent marine litter and support the shift to sustainable consumption and production. Special attention will be given to plastic pollution

Component 2: Efficient use of water

The second component will contribute to the result 2 of the project: strengthening the efficient use of water in urban and rural areas through capacity building and dissemination of means to improve water use. This result is particularly important to support the countries in their adaptation to climate change.

It will support and accompany the partners’ countries in the implementation of a common water agenda that is discussed in the framework of the UfM Water expert group

Component 3: Monitoring and supporting Demonstration projects

The third component will support the Contracting Authority in managing a call for demonstration projects to implement innovative approaches or replicate successful practices. The project will then disseminate the results of the demonstration projects. Those projects should have the potential to be scaled up and should target key water challenges involving national, local and basin authorities. There are already 3 ongoing projects and it is expected to have a new call that will lead to 4 to 6 new demonstration projects.

Component 4: Support to the UfM Water and Environment agendas

This component will support the implementation of the UfM agendas, by providing support to the UfM Expert Groups in the field of Environment and Water.

In particular, the contractor will assist the UfM by ensuring a full support for the H2020 initiative or the follow-up initiative in line with the UfM priorities and give technical support to the Water and Environment Working groups.

Component 5: Capitalisation, Sharing knowledge and project visibility

The purpose of this component is to bring together any insights gained during the project that can be useful for any stakeholder. Focus should be placed on ensuring the sustainability and dissemination of project results.