Description of Project:

  1. Overall Objective & Long Term Goals:

Contribute to teenage girls and young women civic and social empowerment through strengthening the capacity of Egyptian sports organizations to promote and offer inclusive and gender sensitive access to sport practice and competitions, especially in marginalized rural areas


  1. Specific Objectives :
  2. Carry out a pilot / demonstration initiative to raise awareness on the positive impact of sports and nutrition among teenage girls and their families through the development of 22 winning teams of well-trained teenage girls in 22 centers throughout Egypt.
  3. Strengthen the advocacy capacity of the local youth and sport centers to promote positive benefit of sport on mental and physical health of teenage girls within the local communities and provide inclusive and gender sensitive access to sport practice.
  4. Strengthen the lobbying capacity of the Egyptian Athletics Federation to promote sports nutrition values and an inclusive and gender sensitive approach of sports practices and competitions
  5. Expected Outcomes ( Medium Term Results)

3.1       A minimum of 500 teenage girls are regularly attending sports trainings and acquired skills and knowledge on nutrition, health and leadership and are sharing their information with their families and communities.

3.2       Partners youth centers are inclusive places where girls can freely come and attend relevant sport program activities all year long and access coaching for special training and sports nutrition information.

3.3 The Federation is actively involved in the achievements of the project goal with an effective lobbying with the national and local relevant institutions and has the capacity to broaden its activities towards girls and women as well as promoting a comprehensive sports nutrition program in the youth centers.


  1. Expected Outputs

Output 1.1: A minimum of 500 teenage girls have improved their self-confidence and/or autonomy by attending regular sport trainings in 22 centers and participation in races

Output 1.2: A minimum of 200 new teenage girls have improved their self-confidence and/or autonomy by taking up sport practices in 22 centers

Output 1.3: A minimum of 500 teenage girls and family members have been reached, are aware of sport’s positive social impacts and have improved their understanding of sport and nutrition related gender issues

Output 1.4: A minimum of 500 teenage girls have acquired skills about leadership, health, nutrition, physical activities and citizenship and are able to lead extracurricular activities and disseminate their knowledge in the community

Output 2.1: 40% of board members of the Youth Clubs have acquired knowledge on gender and nutrition issues

Output 2.2: 70% the coaches of the centers have acquired skills to conduct more inclusive and tailored activities for girls with a special focus on nutrition

Output 2.3: 500 members of the local communities have attended awareness sessions and all of them have access to specific and tailored information

Output 3: 40% of the members of the Egyptian Athletics Federation are working to replicate and generalize the project’s objectives and have acquired replicable knowledge about sports nutrition, are conducting autonomous nutrition programs.

Output 4: The Project is implemented in a timely and adaptive manner

Description of Actual Services:

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Firm:

  1. Reviewing and developing training program
  2. Negotiating as needed new /improved training space
  3. Selection of applicants to sports training program.
  4. Implementation of training programs with more than 400 girls (main and substitutes) in 27 youth centers and clubs
  5. Enhancing and improving the girls’ self-esteem and anatomy by making sure most of the girls participated in local/ regional competitions; 48 girls participated in national competitions
  6. Coordinating , implementing and supervising online sports practice during the lockdown of COVID 19 on Zoom. ( 18 out of 27)  66.7 % of coaches are currently implementing training practice with the girls.
  7. Organizing from Home Sports Practice Challenges / Competitions; 60 girls participated in the from home sports challenge and 1 coach and 3 running girls participated in the UNESCO Sports Challenge to fight against Covid 19
  8. The implementation of Awareness Raising Performances (10) on the importance of sports and nutrition for girls in 9 governorates for approximately 1100 individuals, including girls, parents, coaches and community members.
  9. Implementing online Awareness Sessions on Covid 19 and Importance of proper nutrition and Sports Practice at home, reaching 114 individuals, including coaches, girls, parents and family members.
  10. Developing and publishing accessible content publication on social media on proper nutrition, sports practice and leadership
  11. Developing and publishing social media content and awareness videos on Covid 19 (including proper nutrition for better immunity and sports practice for fighting covid 19)
  12. Developing Awareness written content targeting youth centre and associations

13.Sharing story telling short films and  the girls’ success stories live and through the social media

  1. The development of training /awareness program in leadership, health & Nutrition and community mobilization
  2. The Implementation of training of trainers on Sports Nutrition and Leadership with the coaches
  3. The implementation of Nutrition and leadership trainings with 661 individuals, including running girls and community members, parents and coaches.
  4. Had the girls hold extracurricular activities; organized a sports nutrition fair in Qalyoubia
  5. Supporting the girls to mobilize the community, and actively participate in events
  6. Encouraging the girls to spread awareness on COVID19 and importance of sports and proper nutrition for the immunity
  7. Development of tailored awareness sessions for community members and girls
  8. Specific and tailored documentation on sports for girls and nutrition is available at the centers and online
  9. Running communication platform for families and community to ensure good families’ inclusion in the activities and awareness

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