Project Description:



The overall objective of this assignment is to contribute to the development of a larger intervention to be undertaken by the IFC to increase access to financial and non-financial services for the refugee populations in Egypt, especially from Syria. The study works to assess demand, supply as well as the enabling environment to identify opportunities for increased access to financial and non-financial services for refugees.

Actual Services Provided:

  • Examine the enabling environment (national laws, business registration, and operation procedures) for financial and non-financial services and determine the main constraints that impact the provision of financial services to refugees in Egypt.
  • Document the current and potential supply of financial services to FBRs including refugees in Egypt, and the opportunities and threats perceived by FSPs to recommend steps to overcome perceived barriers.
  • Assess the demand for financial and non-financial services among a sample of refugee households (750 households in four governorates through a qualitative and quantitative survey) and businesses, including a comparison of demand for services between formal and informal enterprises as well as businesses owned by women versus by men.
Country Egypt
Year 2020