Second Integrated Sanitation and Sewerage Infrastructure Project (ISSIP 2): Project Management Consultancy Services

Description of the Project

The Government of Egypt, with assistance from the World Bank, launched a large-scale rural sanitation program entitled the Second Integrated Sanitation & Sewerage Infrastructure Project (ISSIP2) in 2011 financed with USD 200 million from the World Bank and implemented by the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW), to be completed in December 2017, to develop the rural sanitation sector in towns and villages in four Governorates in the Delta and Upper Egypt regions of Egypt: Sharkia, Menofeia, Assuit and Sohag.

Objective of Project

The project  contributed to sustainable improvement in sanitation and environmental conditions for rural resident communities and the water quality in the rural areas of the selected four governorates through the provision of improved wastewater collection and treatment systems and reduction of pollution in the surrounding water canals and drains. ISSIP2 priority areas were estimated to include about 641,123 people in 33 villages in the four governorates that benefited by the use of the community participation strategy.

PMC Components:

  • Wastewater infrastructure management
  • Financial and procurement management
  • Social and community engagement
  • Construction, health, safety and environment
  • Capacity building & training
  • Monitoring and evaluation
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