Unplanned Areas Upgrading and Employment-Enhancement Program in Egypt

Description of Project:

The Program “Unplanned Areas Upgrading and Employment-Enhancement Program in Egypt”, tackles the problems related to urban services and infrastructure in four informal areas of Cairo and Giza. The project has a very holistic, innovative approach as it combines urban upgrading, labor intensive public works, local economic development and microfinance.

In the preparation of this project, Needs Assessment and Activity Design Study (NAADS) was carried out and twenty-nine projects have been selected. The activities under this component focus on technical assistance to strongly support the process related to the realization of the investment packages in the Governorates of Giza and Cairo. Capacities to implement these projects, especially at the level of UUUs, will be strengthened, focusing mainly on contract and procurement management, urban engineering and planning as well as legal, administrative and project management issues.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population, in particular in four unplanned urban areas of Cairo and Giza via the realization of labor-intensive small public works, and favor, through this realization. The TA will help to (i) achieve the investments packages that are currently identified as for the Components 1 (ii) strengthen the local administrations and in particular the Governorates; (iii) provide capacity development to SFD in order to enlarge its scope of action vis-à-vis the informal areas.

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