Description of Project

The Sectorial Goal of the Government in its fight against poverty was facilitate access of economically active poor to viable and sustainable financial services. The National Strategy toward this goal revolved around three levels of engagement:

  1. Accelerate economic growth while strengthening macroeconomic stability,
  2. Anchor economic growth in the economic sphere of the vulnerable groups,
  3. Promote the rapid development of human resources.

The government has developed an action plan to achieve the second of the above-mentioned component, which aimed to:

  • Increase/improve the supply from the micro finance providers,
  • Increase the demand for financial services.

The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training has set up an action aiming at improving the quality of loan applications by increasing the business management knowledge and skills of the small and micro-entrepreneurs, clients of the micro-finance institutions (MFIs) partners of the “Strengthening the capacity of actors in the micro-finance sector” (PRECAMF) Project.

This project aimed to train about 20,000 customers of MFIs engaged in the financing of AGR (60 percent of women) to teach them the basics of accounting only, the principal terms used in the investment credit, and management quality.

This project provided a target audience of about 20,000 small and micro-entrepreneurs, clients of the MFIs partners the basics of accounting and business knowledge and skills, along with credit and financial literacy covering the main concepts and terms of money management, and the key principles of quality management.