The goal of this project was to preserve the oasis ecosystem in Southern Morocco and enhance the livelihoods of local communities. Programme support aimed at developing quality tourism in the oasis. Significant results were achieved including:

  • Elaboration of a strategy to promote sustainable tourism in the oasis of southern Morocco;
  • Establishment of working groups in the regional and national levels to support this initiative;
  • Designing and opening of “Bed & Breakfast” facilities;
  • Launching of sightseeing itineraries in the oasis;
  • Training local stakeholders on designing and managing tourism activities;
  • Construction of Tourism Information Center in Tighmert;
  • Design the financial and non financial services,SME’s and investment
  • Production of promotion material;
  • Elaboration of two landscape rehabilitation plans and their implementation.

The project aimed at enhancing  enhance the region’s national policies in terms of promotion of financial and non-financial services investment and employment, good governance, climate change, renewable energy, environment and sustainable development.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the evaluation focused on the verification of the results in accordance to the following levels: effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence, sustainability and impact of the SOP program.

The evaluation covered all program activities completed during the period 2006-2013 taking into account the SOP refocusing in (2007, 2010).