The overall goal of LABS Agribusiness was to increase knowledge and skills of appropriate civil servants and entrepreneurs for the development of sustainable agribusiness value chains. With this knowledge and the technical assistance entrepreneurs in the micro and small business sector had  been able to enter sustainable agribusiness value chains.  Additionally, they were registered and formally contributed to the development of sustainable local economies.

Expected Results

  • At least 40 trained (local) civil servants responsible for business counselling, one-stop shop or financial providers in the selected governorates.
  • At least 130 entrepreneurs of starting and existing micro and small enterprises of selected agribusiness value chain trained in business management and technical skills.
  • At least 40% of training participants in entrepreneurial training succeeded in obtaining financial services / loans to start and/or boost their business projects;
  • Improved business performance of participating enterprises.

Target Groups

  1. Staff of business support centres & one stop shop at central and local level.
  2. Staff of selected banks and microfinance institutions at central and local level.
  3. Youth and women, engaged in starting and/or improving a micro / small enterprises in selected agricultural value chains
  4. Agriculture Technical Schools teachers and students

Services Provided by NSCE

  1. Trained trainers to deliver training programs in working with SMEs to staff of business counselling centers and one-stop-shop, banks and micro-finance institutions
  2. Trained trainers to deliver “how to start and improve your business” programs to start up and existing entrepreneurs
  3. Implemented training programs with targeted groups
  4. Planned  and implemented “Financial fair” to link trained entrepreneurs with existing financial and non-financial services in the selected governorates
  5. Coached trained financial and non-financial services staff and trained entrepreneurs
  6. Provided technical assistance to entrepreneurs.
  7. Developed set of monitoring indicators to track new and existing SMEs performance
  8. Implemented monitoring system with on the job training for business counselling centers staff