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Company Statistics

Through its Eight Units, NSCE was able to achieve satisfying results. The company’s units are comprised of five Technical Units:
The Business Development Unit (BDU), Project and Program Enhancement Unit (PPEU), Governance and Environment Management Unit (GEMU), Economic Development Unit (EDU) and North and West Africa Projects Unit (NWAPU) ;

And Three Operational Support Units:
Executive Unit (EXU), Office Support Unit (OSU), Monitoring and Management Information Systems Unit (MMIS).

Projects were implemented according to NSCE procedures, and a technical back stopper was available for quality assurance. EDU staff members became more knowledgeable about research, Microfinance (MF), Islamic MF, Agricultural Competitiveness; they became involved in projects as researchers. Capabilities of GEMU staff have been enhanced in project management, and some technical aspects such as field surveys management and implementation.

In addition, NWAPU has managed to develop a francophone consultancy network and find a new attractive market besides adapting to the client needs as well as maintaining a good communication system with the clients.

In general, there were better contract and agreement negotiations with the clients and partners, more understanding of the clients’ needs, clear responsibilities of the team works, enhanced understanding and analyzing of the job before starting its preparation, and increased importance of networking and regular communication with partners.

During 2014, NSCE managed to accomplish the following:

It won 17 new projects of which 71% where national projects and 29% were international projects.

Type of Projects Won

It managed to work on 51 on-going projects during 2014 of which 10 were long-term projects and 41 were short-term ones.

Number of Projects

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