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Professional in sustainable development

NSCE is one of the leading Arab and African consulting firms in the field of sustainable development in Africa and the Middle East.



  • Improving the quality of life and economic welfare of people and communities throughout the middle east, Africa and Central Asia.
  • Providing professional services to help governmental and international agencies succeed in achieving their public policy and developmental objectives.
  • Providing practical, measurable and highly valued solutions to a variety of organizational problems.

International Offices

NSCE France is specialized in the field of sustainable development and works with various stakeholders; namely the state departments, local authorities, businesses, associations and social economy organizations with the ultimate objective of strengthening organizational and institutional capacity. The fields of intervention are as follows: economic and social development, governance, and employment.

The main areas of expertise of NSCE France focus on:

  • Management Consulting / Organizational and Institutional Development / Human Resources Management
  • Training in Management and Human Relations
  • Evaluation

North  South  Consultants  Exchange  International  was  established  in  mid-2002  as  a  sister company to NSCE Egypt, and it is registered in the United Kingdom. The main purpose of forming a new company was to strengthen NSCE’s capacity for international networking and thereby broaden the range of specialists, clients and countries of operation.

NSCE International has established new networks in several African countries and is putting into practice the NSCE ethos of North-South linking for professional program management services. In addition to a focus on sustainable development, NSCE International has an excellent network of associated experts in the fields of conflict analysis, peacebuilding and rehabilitation in post- conflict zones, particularly in the Horn of Africa.

NSCE International is participating alongside NSCE Egypt in furthering joint collaboration with the African Development Bank and Arab Development Funds, as well as working towards expanding  NSCE  cooperation  with  a  wider  range  of  European-based  donor  agencies, development groups, academic institutions and consulting companies.

Company Statistics

NSCE performance during 2021-2022 was pleasing. Through its nine

Units, NSCE was able to achieve satisfying results. The company’s units are comprised of:

Five Technical Units:

  1. The Business Development Unit (BDU),
  2. Project and Program Enhancement Unit (PPEU),
  3. Governance and Environment Management Unit (GEMU),
  4. Economic Development Unit (EDU) and
  5. North and West Africa Projects Unit (NWAPU);

And four operational units:

  1. Financial Unit (FU),
  2. Contract Management Unit (CMU),
  3. Operation Support Unit (OSU),
  4. Monitoring and Management Information Systems Unit (MMIS).

Projects are implemented according to NSCE procedures, and a technical back stopper is available for quality assurance.

During 2014, NSCE managed to accomplish the following:

It won 17 new projects of which 71% where national projects and 29% were international projects.

Type of Projects Won

It managed to work on 51 on-going projects during 2014 of which 10 were long-term projects and 41 were short-term ones.

Number of Projects

Our Team

  • Dr. Zohra Merabet

    Executive Director

  • Siham Ibrahim

    Head of Business Development Unit

  • Hossam Hussein

    Head of unit
    - Governance and Environmental Management
    - Project and Policy Enhancement

  • Aliaa Ibrahim

    Head of Economic Development Unit

  • Sabri Merabet

    Head of North and West Africa Projects Unit

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    Head of Operations Support Unit